What is Online Gambling Addiction?| Healthy Gambling

Unknown to many online players, online gambling addiction is a psychological problem faced by many people at online-casino-dollar . Do you spend every penny off your salary on the slot machines? Are you available 24/7 at the casino? These are traits of an online gambling addict. It is important to know that you can fight the online addiction or it can turn into a deeper problem.

What is Online Gambling Addiction?

A person is considered to be an online gambling addict when they possess various traits. For example, an online addict develops a preoccupation with gambling. The addict feels an inner deep calling to spend a lot of money to achieve a higher level of excitement. The person also develops various ways to reduce their gambling which are unsuccessful. All these are signs of an addict.

Similar to alcohol or drug addicts, compulsive gamblers are at a high risk of developing financial, work-related, physical and legal problems. Furthermore, compulsive gambling is greatly linked with a series of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It is known to result in physical issues such as constant migraines and blood pressure. As an compulsive gambler, it is your responsibility to seek professional help.

  • Compulsive gambling is a treatable health issue
  • It leads to greater mental issues
  • Known to affect other related people.

How Can Online Gambling Become an Addiction?

There are various characteristics that can make online gambling an addiction. Online gambling sites are accessible to many users 24/7 through an internet connection. It is easy to access an online casino compared to visiting a brick and mortar casino. Furthermore, these land-based casinos do no operate round the clock. Furthermore, the gambler can access the online casino at the comfort of their home through their phone or desktop.

It is important to note that electronic money transactions are accepted in online casinos as real money. A compulsive gambler might access a credit card to get money they won't necessarily have to pay back. Furthermore, most gamblers reside in regions when online gambling is legal. Therefore, there are no legal jurisdictions to prevent the player from gambling with these online gambling sites.

What are Signs of a Compulsive Gambler?

Can you tell whether a person has an addiction when it comes to online gambling? Yes. There various signs portrayed by most players who are addicted to online gambling. The first sign is when the time spent on online gambling is more compared to other activities such as family or social. In case a loved one shows this sign, it is time to have the talk with them.

Are There Treatment Options?

First, gambling addiction is a chronic disease. It takes time, patience, personal will and courage to overcome it. Each compulsive gambler needs a specific tailored recovery program that tends to their needs. There is on going research to find a specific treatable mechanism to combat online gambling addiction. Some common alternatives currently under use include family participation and support groups for compulsive gamblers.

  • C B T
  • Support Therapy

What About Relapse?

Compulsive gamblers in recovery phase often struggle with relapsing. The core problem for online gambling addiction is created with a persuasive need and use of computers. Therefore, it is important for the addicted gambler to form a strong bond in addressing feelings and thoughts related to their compulsion. It grows to making healthier choices surrounded with a strong support network to battle any urges.

What Do Online Casinos Do?

It is part of the responsibility of online casinos to ensure healthy gambling behavior from their players. Some online casinos set minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal options to control the spending behavior of compulsive gamblers. Furthermore, there are daily and weekly limits set to ensure most players do not overspend at the casino. Other casinos suspend gamblers from breaking the limits at the casino.